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Airdate: Sunday April 12 1996 (US) -- Sunday, 18 August 1996 (Germany) - Title: Bacchus

Writer(s): Jule Selbo
Director: Thomas J. Wright

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The last patrol of six The 58th Squadron is flying in a hostile area of space when a bandit shows up on their LIDARs. They are all tired and at first they don't realize that the bandit is, in fact, the Bacchus, an Aerotech pleasure ship. "It's like Vegas, New York City, and Oz all rolled into one." Bacchus - Aerotech pleasure ship

Having flown six back-to-back sorties, the Marines are tired and beyond exhaustion... but then three Chig fighters attack and due to West's tired reflexes Hawkes' plane gets damaged.

Coop's hammerhead getting hit Jinxing the enemy

Explosion Shane seeing what happens is terrified Flying wounded

Unconscious Cooper is severely injured, but manages to switch on the autopilot, struggling to remain conscious until they reach the Saratoga. Switching on the Autopilot

Back at the 'Toga, the 58 climb wearily out of their pits while Cooper is attended by medics. McQueen and Ross realize that the squad is on the brink of breakdown. Is he dead? Nathan blames himself

Boss Ross is alerted Weary ... Paul sleeping on the maintenance trolley

Cooper being examined Hawkes is getting examined and the doctors make an almost fatal mistake during the turmoil of all casualties. They are giving him phyllophetamines, also known as *Green Meanies*, though a normal pain killer for Natural Borns, it is a highly addicitve drug for In-Vitroes. Green Meanies

Although the Cards are worried about Hawkes, they fall fast asleep.

Paul sleeping in his flightsuit Shane giving in to slumber

Ross and McQueen arguing about the liberty On the next day McQueen asks for a break for his squadron but as the United Forces of Earth meet heavy resistance, Ross doubts that it would do the exhausted pilots any good to give them a short leave on the Bacchus.

Meanwhile, Cooper is cleared for duty again and McQueen realizes that his cheerfulness derives from the meanies.

McQueen finds out about the Green Meanies

Reporting back to duty again Hawkes saluting the Col. Shane doubts her eyes when Hawkes is full of energy

When the next briefing is in order, Hawkes shows no signs of his former injuries. The Cards are amazed that he has recovered so quickly, but soon find out that Cooper is also very aggressive, almost hitting Paul over the issue who sits in which chair at the briefing. Ross and McQueen witness the outburst, convincing Ross that the Marines, indeed, need a break.

Ross notices the exhaustion of the Colonel and his kids Cmdr. Ross has reconsidered and gives the Wild Cards a 48 hours liberty on the Aerotech vessel Bacchus.

Ross instructing the 58th Liberty at last Hoo-Yah!

Give them to me... What? ... The green meanies! After the short briefing by Ross, McQueen singles Hawkes out to take away the meanies from him. But Cooper has stashed some away secretely, only giving the Colonel some of his supplies. Green Meanies


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