Anticipation Enroute the Wild Cards talk about what they will do on the Bacchus. McQueen enjoying a private joke

THE BACCHUS - where all are Gods No virtual reality, no phoney holodecks .. leave the war behind The Marines are gobsmacked by the sight of the pleasure ship. The Host greets them with the words: "Here, you are all Gods!" and tells McQueen that everything is prepared for him ... as usual.

Shane having something special on her mind

Upon entering the main part of the Bacchus, the 'Cards split up ... as Shane says: "Every man for himself" Hey guys - AMF Let's go dancing

Shane entering the pool shark's place While Shane seeks out the pool bar to have some fun with the pool sharks there, West and Hawkes turn to the bar, where West tries to explain women and sex to Hawkes. "You know ... women and sex are like space flight mechanics"

When Nathan cannot come up with a good explanation he hooks Cooper up with Suzie, a prostitute.

Boy's talk

Making it all clear
Suzie's prey

Shane challenges the owner of the pool hall, Handsome Alvin. Only to discover that he is an AI.

No tricks, no lemonade ... A stinking AI Shane is shocked

Paul has retreated to the basketball hall ... only to be met by Vanessa Attraction

Paul has retreated to the basketball hall of the Bacchus, wanting to do something he would normally do on Earth as well. Vanessa, being very fond of basketball herself, finds him there and they admit their mutual attraction toward each other.

West discovers what the Lt.-Colonel does for relaxation ... watching old W.C. Fields' films. McQueen greets Nathan with the words: "A fit night for man or beast" and invites him to watch the film with him. McQueen is laughing?? Fit night for man and beast

You cannot kiss me on the lips Suzie takes Cooper to her quarters where he discovers that she is an In-Vitro like himself. She initiates him into sex but he soon realizes that Suzie gets PAID to spend the night with him and that she has a child onboard. In his drug hazed state he leaves in a hurry. Got lucky? You got a kid and are on the meanies?

Lady pool shark When Shane doesn't have any money left, she gets backed up by the other pool sharks and can win the last game against Alvin. Hey, thanks for the cheese, Alvin


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