Cooper loses his grip INCOMING! Back in the furball, on planet Iffus, the 58th squadron meet heavy resistance. The United Earth Forces are in retreat.

Paul and Vanessa The Kiss THIS is NOT the Bacchus.

Rained with fire, Paul and Vanessa suddenly realize that this could be the last time, they can be together. When McQueen notices that they are kissing, he screams: "Can I get you two a room? This is NOT the Bacchus"

Cooper loses control as he wants to take more meanies to get through the battle. McQueen notices it and tells him: "We need YOU, Cooper, not superman" and orders West to keep an eye on Coop. Chigs are advancing Cooper in the grip of the meanies Coop, stay in control!

ATTACK! When Cooper wants to make a lunge for the meanies, West goes after him and for a moment, Nathan thinks that Hawkes wants to kill him. But Cooper takes out the advancing Chigs and the 58 can advance. Space: A Bear And Beyond

In Detox Back at the 'Toga, Cooper is confronted with two choices ... either he serves the rest of his time back on Earth with a desk job or he stays onboard the Saratoga and has a detox programme under the surpervision of McQueen and the doctors. McQueen watching Shane advance

Shane and the teddy bear Paul tries to explain what happened on Iffus 'Phousse agrees Nathan bringing more presents

Wang and 'Phousse meet in front of the detox unit and there is a momentary uneasiness because of what happened on Iffus. - Shane gives Cooper the teddy bear to keep him company, telling him. "I guess you need him more than my niece".

Nathan who still blames himself for Cooper's addiciton, brings a special present... a W.C. Fields tape from the Bacchus which they all watch. The Cards will help Cooper over his addiciton. They are his family and will never let each other down.

Cooper ... and his family near.


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