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Air date: Sunday November 19 1995 (US) -- Sunday, April 21 1996 (Germany) - Title: Das Trojanische Pferd

Writer(s): Tom Towler
Director: Thomas J. Wright

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Saratoga The USS Saratoga meets heavy resistance and is in a tight battle with the Chigs. Although the humans use all their fire power, they are soon outnumbered. Missiles going away

McQueen does his best to co-ordinate the point to point shooting. After another attack of the Chigs, one of their red bombers hovers unmovingly on the bow of the 'Toga. McQueen cannot believe his eyes Prey

Red Bomber Ross is nervous - will the Chig shoot? Playing dead?

We don't know much about the spaceship The 58th are briefed by Navy techies on the specifications of the craft. McQueen cuts them short and tells them that the Wild cards know what they have to do and sends them into the bomber to retrieve it. They know enough!

For once the cards are not on the receiving end of a dressing downShane is disturbed about the news'Phousse and nathan listenCooper thinks it is a cool challenge

The 58 prepare to search the Chig craft. Vanessa Damphousse is doing her anti stress training and Shane looks on somewhat unnerved by it. 'Phousse relaxing her jaw Is this really necessary?

Boarding the chig vessel Let's give 'em a calling card! Anyone home?

Strange surroundings Once inside the Chig ship Shane gets attacked by the sole survivor of the crew but Hawkes dismembers the Chig. The space ship looks strange, like a hive and is illuminated by strange white-blue light. Green Goo Am I gonna get busted for doing that?

The spacecraft is brought back to the Saratoga where Aerotech technicians already await the salvage and set to work examining the craft. Colonel McQueen and the Wild Cards are troubled that Sewell is there as well. Sewell poking for evidence What is Aerotech up to?

Coop's diversion While Cooper diverts the technicians, Paul sneaks in behind the back of the techie and *nicks* a portable computer pad with information of the Chig craft. He shows the information to McQueen, realizing that Aerotech has already found out about the destination of the craft - the Chig home planet. Sir, these are the specifications for the craft

Sewell being his usual arrogant self Col. McQueen doubts his explanations McQueen retrieves the Chig vessel for the Navy and especially for the USMC. Although Sewell insists that the craft would be even more useful if Aerotech could make more research, McQueen wants to use the craft for a different mission...

At the Commodore's cabin, Ross and McQueen discuss the Colonel's plan to use the Alien spacecraft as a Trojan horse to destroy the home planet of the chigs. Ross doubts that the mission is a valid one, thinking that the Colonel is foolhardy even thinking about such a kamikaze mission. But he agrees if McQueen can get volunteers.
McQueen explaining about the missionRoss listens intentlyMarines as heroes, Ty?

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