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Take this, Colonel, it is as good as taking me with you It is foolish to go, Ty McQueen visits Ross for the last time and Ross tries his best to persuade the Colonel not to go on this mission. But McQueen is not phased by it. He wants to go, for the good of all mankind.

Shane feeling lonely I don't wanna be lonely Oh Coop Making his mind up

Shane has retreated to the flightdeck where the chig craft is and Cooper, confused by the whole extent of the situation, finds her there. After Shane explains WHY she will be going on this mission, Cooper makes his mind up. Although he doesn't want to go and die, being alone on the 'Toga without his friends and family would be even more hurt him.

Looking for solitude ... Paul is restless and tries to take his mind off the mission. Only to be confronted with Lt. Stroud. They talk and she tells him that, if he is not sure to go on the mission, he should remain onboard, with her. ...only to find love?

A good day to die

The next morning the Wild Cards meet on the flightdeck. McQueen asks about Paul Wnag who is missing and the Cards shake their heads, telling him that he is not there. The Colonel takes this information in stride, telling them it is okay.

Falling like a cherry blossom

"What dead guy wrote that?"

"The dim glow falling upon the dried blood of Union brothers in the Manassas eve still guides our path.

Constellations hidden by fierce Pacific storms in the Bataan sky remain obscured by day.

The stars, a billion, for every life laid down in Vietnam still shine on us, and will guide those who follow."

"I wrote it."

Either we all go or not at all Commodore, bury these if we won't come back Fingernails

Wang all of a sudden turns up, carrying a small wooden box with him and putting all the nails of his friends into it, he hands it over to Cmdr. Ross. He cannot leave his friends alone.

You get the present when you come back, Paul Setting off! Wild cards, you are looking good

Above and beyondPaul on the NAVSending the codes for the satellitesAdjusting the weapons

At first all seems well - the Marines can fool the patrols of the Chigs as they advance deep into enemy territory - until they reach the Chig's home planet. They meet heavy resistance.

We got bogeys on our ten, seven - eightEat this, Chig bastards!ATTACK!The ship - it's dying

the safety pod Shane finds the opening for a safety pod and McQueen ushers them into it as the chig craft explodes. Safety?


Sewell's return On board the Saratoga, Ross is confronted with Sewell, who wants him to set course to the Draconis sector. He knows where the Marines are ... Get him off my bridge I may make a deal with the devil - turn to the Draconis sector

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