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"With my mission now at hand, my dear old town, my dear old people. I abandon everything and leave to protect this country, to preserve our eternal and just cause, I now go forth. My body will collapse like a fallen cherry blossom, but my soul will live and protect this land forever. Farewell. I am a glorious wild cherry blossom. I shall return to my mother's place and bloom" - These are the words of a man, your age, your rank 118 years ago. He was a kamikaze pilot. He died, foolishly, the next day. He flew his oakah plane into an American destroyer. He gave his life for a lost cause. I keep this in my flight suit at all times."

-- Tyrus Cassius McQueen

The Briefing The next day, McQueen informs his squadron that the Commodore has given them the thumbs up for the mission. He will use the Alien fighter as a Trojan horse to invade the enemy's home ground. He asks them to accompany him though he knows that this will be a very dangerous assignment.

Nathan is determined to go on that mission Shane and Paul have their doubts Will it be worth it?

I'm not a kamikaze ... I'm coming back All the Wild Cards agree to go on this mission ... all ... except for Cooper who keeps them in suspense by saying: I'm not a kamikaze ...

And when the Cards throw him looks he adds: 'Cause I'm coming back!. The cards are relieved and burst out laughing ... even the Colonel showing a fleeting smile to relieve the tension.


Inside the Chig craftShane and 'Phousse think it looks like intestinesIf I feel anything like a bladder I'm outta here!
While examining the Chig craft, the Wild Cards figure out how the vessel is flown ... with biogenetic energy.

Paperwork Nathan studying the mechanics While the Cards study the specifications of the craft, discussing their mission, McQueen gets some disturbing news ... the flight window will close earlier than expected.

Strategies Flightwindow closes on 07:00 hours ... tomorrow Deep Troubles

Listen up and listen good Vanessa laughing about Paul's antics Nathan forgetting the mission for a moment

It's okay to be scared As Paul is making fun ... posing as McQueen working as a plumber, the Colonel walks in to inform his squadron about the changed plans. Only to witness the merriment of the Cards. He answers Paul's act with the dead pan comment: It's hard to follow a dog act! The mission has changed

The Wild Cards are informed that the mission has changed considerably ... ill prepared and not quite as familiar with the craft as they thought they could be in about a week, McQueen tells them that everyone can reconsider. No-one will be court-martialled if they decide that they won't take part in this kamikaze mission. Shane and Paul can't believe what they are hearing Cooper is confused

It gets on Shane's nerves'Phousse'aerobicsIt's a strange time to do your nails, Nathan!

Shane, feeling the stress getting the better of her, storms out after she yelled at Vanessa. The rest of the Cards stay behind, somewhat subdued and Nathan starts clipping his fingernails all of a sudden. After 'Phousse asks about that he explains that all kamikaze pilots did that in WW2, so that their relatives could bury something. Vanessa also clips her nails.

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